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Truck diagnostic tool MAN Cats T200 is the newest scanner designed for MAN trucks and other vehicles with MAN engines. It works well with any newer MAN vehicle due to its capability to support CAN type diagnostic programs. Here lies the main advantage over MAN Cats II, which can only support the older trucks (no support of CAN systems). On the other hand, T200 supports both newest and older vehicles' systems and protocols. This truck diagnostic tool is an ideal assistant for any type of MAN services, professional dealers or local mechanics.

Examples of T200 scanner diagnosable systems: EBS, ECAS (electronically controlled air suspension), EDC (engine regulation), retarder, gearbox, air-conditioning system, central computer, airbag, instrumentation, door module, etc.

Included refurbished laptop DELL D630 and prepared to use with "MAN Cats T200 " diagnostic tool 
  • Fast orientation on vehicle by means of integrated overview wiring diagrams.
  • Simple testing of actuators.
  • Depiction of all stored diagnosis entries
  • Control unit identification 
  • Reading out, evaluating and clearing diagnostic memory 
  • Identification of control unit in assembled condition
  • Actuator test (active triggering of actuators)
  • Monitoring (visualisation and evaluation of current sensor signals)
  • MAN T200 truck diagnostic tool
  • OBD2 cable
  • 12 pin Round cable
  • USB cable
  • Diagnostic software
  • MAN-cats II 11.01
  • MANTIS (spare parts)
  • MANWIS (workshop and repair manuals)
  • Included refurbished laptop DELL D630 and prepared to use with "MAN Cats T200 " diagnostic tool

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