Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.6 2024 Truck Diagnostic LAPTOP + Programming + Xcom + SOPS TOUCH EDITION

Scania VCI3 SDP3 2.6 2024 Truck Diagnostic LAPTOP + Programming + Xcom + SOPS TOUCH EDITION

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Scania VCI3 SDP3 Truck Diagnostic tool latest version V2.6 2024 with CF-D1 & cables
This system is pre-built, using a windows 10 x64 CF-D1, the software is pre-configured and installed with SDP3 2.6 + XCOM  and the system is ready to use upon receipt! Simply start working straight away! 

VCI SDP3 Description:

VCI3 for Scania is a tool that is used together with Scania Diagnosis and Programmer 3 (SDP3) software to diagnose and troubleshoot for Scania heavy vehicles and trucks.

VCI Feature:


Stored fault codes, proposals for remedial action and delete option.
Control unit configuration and settings.
Information about electrical components and their location.
Input and output signals.
Activation of components.
Spare part programming.
Circuit diagrams. For each circuit there is a diagram which clearly shows how the particular circuit is implemented in the respective vehicle.
Chassis data. The vehicle gives the program a description of itself and how it is configured.
User functions. In order to meet service market requirements to work more effectively, there is an option to troubleshoot via user functions, e.g. cruise control.
Use of the program requires a PC, a USB key and a VCI3. These components must comply with the applicable system requirements, so that the program will operate correctly.

Buy it for 5 reasons:
1. Read ECU ID, data, parameters, fingerprint.
2. Read and erase DTC.
3. Spare Part program all systems.
4. Gather all data for field-test functions.
5. Load, modify, compare SOPS files.
Supported modification of ECU data of the following types:
• EMS – Engine management system.
• GMS – Gearbox management system.
• RET – Retarder system.
• AWD – All wheel drive system.
• CLS – Clutch Control.
• EEC – Exhaust Emission Control.
• COO (COO7) – Coordinator.
• BWS (BCI1) – Bodywork system.
Supported resolving trouble codes to text description for the following types:
• EMS (S6, S7, S8).
• GMS (OPC4, OPC5).
• RET (RET1, RET2).
• AWD (AWD1).
• EEC (SCR1, EEC3).
• COO (COO6, COO7).
• HMS (HMS1).
Some interesting options with XCOM:
• AdBlue ON/OFF.
• Chassis ID/VIN Change.
• Immobilizer ON/OFF.
• Truck Power INCREASE.
• ECU Recovery.
• ECU Reset.
• ECU Unlock without PIN.
Support Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian.

This is ready to use. It is installed on to a Windows 10 genuine CF-D1, and all scania software version 2.6 2024 + XCOM is installed and ready to use with all of the cables provided. 

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