CUMMINS Diagnostics System INSITE Latest release 2024

CUMMINS Diagnostics System INSITE Latest release 2024

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LATEST INSITE PRO 2024 release with fleet counts and latest incals! 


  • Grade A refurbished laptop , along with its charger and adapter. All of which should have at least i5 processor and 8GB RAM, or similar.
  • A Brand new, fast SSD Hard Drive inside the laptop, containing the software.
  • A diagnostic tool/interface/multiplexer along with all its cables.
  • 12 Months Warranty on all hardware – exchange a new one if yours is faulty.
  • 12 Months Warranty on all software – remote support and updates.


    Unlock Ultimate Vehicle Insights with our 2024 Premium Cummins Diagnostic Full System Package

    Discover the pinnacle of heavy duty diagnostics with our latest, revolutionary Cummins Dealer Level Diagnostic System package, meticulously engineered to empower you with complete control over ALL CUMMINS ENGINE EVEN THE ONES IN KOMATSU. Comes with: 

    • A Powerful Cummins Inline 6 DataLink Adapter interface and cables -  combining seamlessly with the software package for unparalleled and comprehensive results
    • A Lightning fast refurbished Grade A laptop - with Intel i5, 8GB RAM and now upgraded, new 512GB SSD 
    • All the Latest softwares - Stay ahead with the latest software version, ensuring you're equipped for the challenges of modern vehicle diagnostics. Includes:
      • Insite Pro Version with latest 2024 FULL calibration files 


    Expertly Designed Package

    • Effortless Plug 'n Play Setup: Experience a hassle-free setup ready for use upon delivery.
    • Exceptional Versatility: This package encompasses ALL Cummins engines.
    • Excellent Reliability: All units are tested thoroughly to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL, capable of diagnosis and programming

    12 Months ROCK SOLID Warranty

    Your peace of mind is our priority. Enjoy a 12-month warranty that ensures immediate replacement in case of ANY interface issues.

    • No Waiting for repairs
    • No Workshop Downtime
    • No Loss Revenue
    • Hassle-free and No Question asked

    12 Months Warranty also covers Softwares and Technical issues which ensures:

    • Remote Technical Support to help
    • Updates are always available at very low price


    Everything You Need in One Package

    This package contains EVERYTHING you need to talk to your engine and is compatible with Cummins or Komatsu. Yes, ALL ENGINES from Trucks to Generators to Boats. 

    Discover the ULTIMATE solution - your gateway to seamless connectivity. This advanced tool effortlessly links to your PC via a 9-pin serial connector or a 4-pin USB connector. For comprehensive communication, the INLINE 6 adapter connects to vehicle power, SAE J1708/J1587 data link, and two CAN/J1939 data links through a 25-pin serial connector.

    Fully compliant with the Technology and Maintenance Council's RP1210 standard, the INLINE 6 integrates seamlessly with Cummins software applications like INSITE, PowerSpec, and Calterm III. It's also compatible with other RP1210-compliant software, ensuring enhanced performance (please verify non-Cummins applications' RP1210 support).

    The eye-catching INLINE 6 redefines innovation, blending cutting-edge electronic technology to offer exceptional performance and quality at an irresistible price point.Your journey to enhanced connectivity begins now!

    Inline 6 Features:

    ✔️ Supports SAE J1708/J1587 and J1939/CAN data links
    ✔️ Both CAN ports auto detect between 250 & 500 kbps
    ✔️ Supports USB full speed port at up to 2M baud rate
    ✔️ Custom USB cable includes thumbscrews for secure mounting to INLINE 6
    ✔️ Supports RS-232 PC serial port at up to 115.2k baud rate
    ✔️ Is fully compliant with TMC's RP1210 standard
    ✔️ Small enough to fit in pocket
    ✔️ Attractive black powder coated aluminum housing provides ruggedness
    ✔️ Derives 8 V to 50 V DC power from vehicle
    ✔️ Controlled by advanced 140 MHz 32-bit Freescale processor for maximum speed and performance
    ✔️ Includes 6 LEDs to indicate status of power, USB, RS-232, J1708/J1587, and two CAN communication ports
    ✔️ Both CAN ports support SAE J1939, SAE J2534, and ISO 15765 protocols
    ✔️ INLINE 6 is certified to meet European CE requirements
    ✔️ Rated for -40° to +85° C operating temperature
    ✔️ INLINE 6 meets rigorous Cummins in-cab environmental test requirements